This week we focued on kick sparring (without using your arms for blocking or striking) relying on footwork, speed and strategy to get a kick into target.
then we removed the footworkr/legwork and focused on reactionary timing through one of our skill set exercises called 'evasion' using our upper body only to duck, weave and dodge.
Great week by all and I would like to welcome the new adult members on board in class this week, its fantastic to see more adults coming to try out.

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With Sensei only supervising the classes this week due to illness, the SWAT team really pulled together to make sure the kids where well trained and looked after.
The inclusion of FRIDAY FIGHT NIGHT, our monthly event was another hit with the students and we are looking forward to all of the new students joining into the even in JUNE.
A night where to kids are well supervised, wear all the gear and have a good go under pressured condiitions to utilise thier karate against another student in a safe environment.
Cant wait to get back into it again this week

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2 weeks ago

BMA - Busselton Martial Arts


We would like to offer our congratulations to all of our applicants in our teenager and adult grading's from last week.

Most of our teenager and adult students have been assessed over a 3-6 month period since their last grading and pressure tested through a an intensive 1.5 hour session to finalise their achievement of passing their current grade's in Koryu Karate here at Busselton Koryukan (BMA-Busselton Martial Arts) and we would like to take the opportunity to congratulate all those that have taken part.

On the flip side of the coin, we have had some very deserving students achieve their BLACK BELTS.

This of course has been an ongoing journey in the pathway of the martial arts for a minimum of 4 years. With many consistently training 3 time a week and even more leading up to the final weekend of assessments.

Black Belt applicants are required to complete a written part of their grading and an essential body strength based test set a week before the grading. Plus the applicants where also assessed over a 4 hour period for the more complex and advanced knowledge required for Black Belt a day before the grading, then finalling joining the rest of the group for the final 1.5 hours of gruelling pressure testing on a brisk Sunday morning on April 29th

This included a finalisation of extensive basic training, partner drills, pressure tested self-defence, submission wrestling, Kata (solo representations of forms) and Kumite (Free Sparing)

Congratulations to all and to those following Black Belts

🥋Jarrod Weston - Shodan
🥋Andrew Weston - Jnr Shodan
🥋Tanya Sammy - Yudansha
🥋Lachlan Davies - Jnr Yudansha
🥋Ava Carter - Jnr Yudansha
🥋Dylan Skoglund - Jnr Yudansha

If you're looking for a great club to help with fitness, confidence building, applicable and pressure tested self defence or even just to meet a great group of like minded social people of all ages! then don't hesitate to give us a private message and discuss the easiest way to start anytime you like.

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Week 17 at BMA we focused on corrections brought up from our formal grading in the last week. Focusing on the high kicks, using props to help lift the knee before execution, these kids love how we use obsticles and props to help with techniques. ...

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During week 16 at BMA we covered groundwork, anti-bullying, submission wrestling, traditional koryu karate, applicable self-defence, kata and free sparring with our usual mat chats on correct behaviour.

With school holiday program and imminent grading fast approaching, we saw some of our largest classes topping 43 students with 5 instructors on the floor at once. It provided such an amazing atmosphere and everyone buzzed during all of the classes last week.

We are now back to normal class separated times and with the grading over, students will be settling into their new grades with a new motivation towards training.

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